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About Your Order

a. Is my order confirmed?
Upon checkout you will automatically received an order confirmation email with our payment details. 

b. Is my order secured?
Once you received the order confirmation email noted above, we will secure it together with our orders within the Deadline of Order given by our suppliers.
In some instances, the product can get out of stock without prior notice due to its limited production we will inform you immediately.

c. Can I cancel my order?
We don't accept cancellation of order as we order our GOs accordingly. We're asking for your understanding on this matter, as we pay our suppliers in advance, and we cannot cancel it as well.

d. Can I change the version of my order?
This can do, as long as we still have open slots on your preferred version.

d. Where did you order?
This differs according to each item we opened. But we usually note it on our preorder details.

e. Can I change my shipping details?
Please inform us ahead of time, before we ship your orders kindly fill out a required form - bit.ly/KCPHCONSIGNEE

f. Will you box or pouch my order? will my potser be tube or folded?
We created a product link for this, you can request according to your preference.

Pros/Cons of box
Pro: Extra layer of protect your beloved babies. You earned for it! || Cons: Shipping fee might be quite expensive since it will be measured in volumetric weight.
Pros/Cons of pouch
Pro: Cheaper shipping fee as long as it fits the courier pouch. || Cons: Higher risk of damage / dent during delivery transit

Please also do note that we pack your orders with extra layers of bubbles mix with ultimate love and care, but in case it got damage, we're deeply sorry to hear this but we wont be liable to any 3rd party faults.

g. Any updates on my Order? where can I track its order status?
All group order mass updates are posted on our official masterlist. You may also follow us on twitter @koreancrazeph for updates (be sure to turn on the notifications) 

But for payment and shipping status, you will be receiving an email once we made an edit on your order.

h. Where is the best way to contact you?
Our Official Facebook Page is the primary inbox we use to assist our patrons. DMs on twitter are closed.

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